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You need more than a platform to stand on. Put creativity into your next campaign.

Branding, print, online and digital creative for tomorrows leaders.

We design around what you want, not the other way.

A branded political campaign is important because it helps to build a consistent and recognizable image in the minds of voters. A strong brand image should convey the candidate’s or party’s values, personality, and platform. We make it easier for our clients to understand who they are and how to display it.

I approach all my projects, regardless of the size, with understanding my client’s vision, the reach objectives and what the audience is indicating. I help leaders to build and launch their brand, improve their digital appearance and promote a cause with confidence.

With over 13 years experience designing for campaigns, I have the knowledge in what it takes to approach critical ideas and put them into action.

A few featured pieces

Laurie Lawson Cox

Mailers, Vote By Mail, Social Media

Republican Party of Florida

Mailers, Vote By Mail, Social Media

Make It Legal Florida Campaign

Logo, Website, Mailers, Vote By Mail, Trifold Brochure, Social Media

Shane Abbott

Logo, Website, Mailers, Vote By Mail, YouTube Shorts

Florida Education Champions

Logo, Website, Mailers, Vote By Mail, Brochures

Nick DiCeglie

Newsletters, Postcards, Christmas Cards, Mailers

valued experiences

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the top candidates and groups in the state. With their help, they have spread the word of the services and professionalism when working with us.

Borderline Vision might focus in the political industry sector, however, as a professional branding company I am excited to work with any professional service. Our philosophy has always been about creating a standard of branding for the client, and delivering results in a time frame that can not be beat. Thank you to all that have shared your experiences with me.

What we’ve been up to




digital pieces


mail pieces


years of experience

As a freelance designer, I’ve been exposed to hundreds of projects through the years acting as a lead designer and brand consultant, which have helped me to increase the quality and speed of my work. I always work with a priority towards outcomes, so even though design is a creative process, it’s always aligned with the campaign objectives.

Through that process I’ve met some great people with amazing ideas that I’ve been able to be apart of.

A well-designed and effective brand can build trust with voters,

increase recognition, and ultimately drive support on election day. In short, a branded political campaign is a crucial component of a successful political campaign and can have a significant impact on the outcome of an election.


Your brand evolves daily with public perception. It is constant and constantly changing.

design + dev

Clean, modern websites should be the rule, not the exception. We can design, build and can even implement the build.


Much has changed, but the concept remains the same. Support the marketing tool with the best creative possible.

Next time you think about using a larger agency, think about these advantages of using a freelancer for your campaign & projects:

Direct Communication:

I work directly with you! This allows for direct communication and a more streamlined decision-making process, as well as fewer changes in the creative process.

Lower Cost:

Since my skill sets cover a wide range of areas, this allows for low overhead costs, allowing me to offer my services at a lower cost compared to your larger agencies.


This is an area that I pride my career in, and also know is an invaluable resource.  Time.  Timing is everything, and having someone that can same day turn artwork can be the difference.


I specialize in a campaign brand design and marketing. providing a level of expertise that is hard to match with larger agencies at the value of what you get from me.