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Take the idea of your campaign marketing strategy, and build a cohesive brand across print and digital platforms.




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years of experience

Branding, web design, and digital creative for tomorrows leaders.

I approach all my projects, regardless of the size, with understanding my client’s vision, the reach objectives and what the audience is indicating. I help leaders to build and launch their brand, improve their digital appearance and promote a cause with confidence.

With over 13 years experience designing for campaigns, I have the knowledge of what it takes to approach critical ideas and put them into action.

about us

As a freelance designer, I’ve been exposed to hundreds of projects over the years. Acting as a lead designer and campaign marketing consultant, has given me the ability to increase the quality and speed of my work. I always work with a priority towards outcomes, so even though design is a creative process, it’s always aligned with the campaign objectives.


Take control of the perception that your audience has of you. Campaign marketing is what people think and feel when they consider you, your mission, and their vote.

design + dev

Each campaign website conveys a simple and clean design that visitors will find easy to read and enjoy. We keep up with the trends and we are as responsive as our designs.

social design

We can take these highly effective and targeted platforms work for your campaign.  (including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more).

What people say

fresh perspective

“It’s great working with Brian. He quickly understands what we need and offers advice on how to get it done. His designs always bring that extra creative pop and fresh perspective we need to cut through the clutter and help our clients accomplish their goals. Brian is always available when you need him and is a valued member of our team.”

Jim Rimes

Enwright Rimes Consulting

talented business consultant

“Brian Varnum is a talented business consultant, designer and brand developer whom I have had the pleasure of working with for nearly 10 years. He has helped my law firm with logo design, development of marketing materials as well as digital advertising campaigns. His work is always professional and delivers a service that improves our image in the marketplace. Our materials and online presence are a cut above our competitors thanks to his superlative talent.”

Jeff Howell

Howell, Buchnan & Strong
branding & logo design
We provide full service identity collateral, including logo, lawn sign, mailer designs. As a full-service creative company, we want to insure that your brand is consistent across all platforms, from web design to palm cards, business cards to online social posts.
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